Airplane Mural
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Airplane Mural

Client: Lifetime Cable Networks

Description: The Lifetime Cable Network called on us to produce and install some special graphics for a high-end executive party being held in a ballroom on Canal Street. Lifetime was in the process of changing their branding. Lifetime wanted to appeal to wider audience with the travel aspect. So they asked us to create this special airplane graphic. It gives the effect that you are at Louis Armstrong Airport looking out at a life-sized airplane.

Execution: The job was imaged on our VUTEk® QS 2000 printer using double strike color on 3M™ 160/60 translucent media with a Oracal luster laminate. By using double strike on the QS 2000, we were able to hit the graphic twice with the color. It created a richer, more vibrant image. The event was held from 4-7 p.m. when the sun was setting, so it created a huge natural lightbox effect. It was a very impressive message. The people at Lifetime were so impressed with the final result that in fact, this project landed us a front cover of Wide Format Imaging.